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February 8, 2015

The Gold Mosque

Masjid Dian Al-Mahri
(sumber: mabrurisirampog.wordpress.com)
Actually mosque is the place for you to pray, but in this place, most of people go to there for a family vacation destination. And maybe it will make you want to take any photos in there, because of that unique, the gold dome. It’s so beautiful mosque that I have ever seen. The name of this mosque is “Dian Al-Mahri”. This mosque was built by Hj. Dian Djuriah Maimun Al Rasyid since 2001 and finish in 2006.

This mosque is located on Jalan Raya Meruyung, Limo, Depok. If you wanna go there from Bogor, you can choose to pass Bogor-Kemang-Parung-Sawangan-Depok or Bogor-Cilebut-Bojonggede-Citayam-Depok. You just need 1 hour to go there with a personal vehicle. But you can also go there with a public transportation.

After you arrive, you must parking your vehicle in parking area. It was at front of the gate, so you must walking to go to the mosque. But don’t worry it just about 5 minutes and you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of garden along the way. So it wasn’t make you feel bored :D

This mosque has two gates to enter this mosque. If you were a boy, you must enter in south gate. And if you were a girl, you must enter in east gate. After you enter in east gate, you will pass the wide yard with floor. But you must be careful if you come after the rain, because this floor will getting wet and slimy. So you should pass the side of that yard.

Interior Masjid
(sumber : www.thearoengbinangproject.com)
This mosque have five dome with one main dome that’s all was coated by gold. This dome symbolize the pillars of islam. And also have six towers that symbolize the pillars of faith. Inside this mosque you will see the unique room’s design with beautiful reliefs and a big chandelier that made in Italy.

I’m very comfort in there. But behind all that beauty, a mosque is still built for the purpose of worship to Allah. Hopefully our main goal to go there it’s for pray and NOT just to a vacation, aamiin.. :D

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  1. Why not use your own photo? In fact, have you actually been there? :D

  2. One more thing, you should use the word "masjid", not a "mosque". Because the word "mosque" is derived from the word "mosquitoes" (nyamuk). It is an harassment of the West against Islam.